Little does Nick Taft know when he arrives to serve his Congressman in Washington that he would stumble upon a human smuggling cartel insulated by powerful interests on Capitol Hill.  An idealist struggling in the murky waters of legislative politics, Nick meets the beguiling Lisa Castile, an ambitious staffer of the opposing party.  She works for an influential committee chairman with suspect ties to the trafficking venture, and Nick must decide whether his involvement with her is worth the risk.   

The relationship of these two opposites and the enterprise they unveil trails immigration reform legislation, ironically controlled by the nefarious chairman.  A Justice Department investigation into the illegal operation provides the young staffers a brief respite from the cartel’s thugs until their own behavior becomes the target of a federal inquiry.  Is it intended to deter them or the cartel?

In desperation, Nick and Lisa mobilize all their personal and political connections, including the help of a recent immigrant, to expose activities on the Mexico border.  Their efforts dig them deeper into a hole of political and legal conflicts from which rescue may only be possible through the outcome of a pending election.  

Majority Rules moves the reader through the halls of Congress with a startling insider’s view of currently relevant political history.  In between machiavellian power schemes, the story highlights the majority / minority mindset that has entrapped Washington for decades, and illustrates how the process there is so easily undermined.

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Praise for Majority Rules

Chip Pickering, Former Member of Congress

          “Roger Fleming, as only a Congressional insider could, tells the story of power and politics.  The battle is over borders and immigration.  But the real story Roger tells, exceptionally well, is how human relationships remain at the center of how laws are made and unmade.  Roger captures both the better and fallen angels of love, loss of innocence, abuse of power and principled commitment.  It is a compelling tale well told.”  

Craig Shirley, Reagan biographer and New York Times bestselling author

          “Take a peek behind the headlines to get an idea of what actually happens in Congress.  First time writer, Roger Fleming, has written a page-turning tale of the interplay between policy and politics, love and loyalty, and majority and minority, while exposing the underbelly of Washington’s process.  A great read.”

John McCaslin, D.C. - based columnist, broadcaster and author

          “Hang-on to your reading chairs: Majority Rules takes us on a wild ride through the otherwise hallowed halls of the nation's capital -- and beyond.  Roger Fleming's unforgettable cast of characters and places bring unimaginable conspiracy to shocking life.”